About Senfa

For over 45 years, Senfa has offered innovative solutions based on cutting-edge French expertise : coating technical textiles. A know-how combining substrates and functionalization to achieve performances such as: blackout, fireproofing, impermeability, diffusion, printability, water repellency, acoustics for large-scale projects. Senfa, technical textiles at the service of designers of impactful and innovative visual experiences.

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In line with our corporate culture, we are committed to sustainable development to preserve the environment.

SENFA Commitments

SENFA is convinced that chemistry can and should be more respectful of the environment. Since 2010, the company has been involved in a skills acquisition program in the field of Eco design in order to offer products that combine quality and respect for the environment.


The Chargeurs Group joined the United Nation Global Compact in July 2017. A strong commitment that demonstrates its willingness to put in place the best non financial standards to enhance the value proposition of the Group. This strategy is applied to each of its entities throughout objectives regarding Corporate and Social Responsibility (CSR).

SENFA Actions

  • Chargeurs is a group listed on the Paris stock exchange, inducing strong deotonlogical DNA.
  • Bi annual reporting on CSR KPI has been raised to the Chargeurs Group level.
  • SENFA had a index of 82/100 for the Gender Professional Equality Index between women and men in 2021 (index 2022 / 2023 not calculable).  This good result illustrate our actions and promote professional equality between men and women. (Salary gap by age and status / Individual wage increase gag / Promotion gap /Percentage of women who received an increase after their maternity leave / Number of women/men within the 10 highest remunerations ).
  • We have our own water waste treatment unit.
  • All of our cardboard packaging streams are recycled, and all common and special waste is recovered through energy production.
  • Implementation of an online control tool in order to apply the right amount of coating.
  • In order to make the environmental performance of products transparent, SENFA is able to offer a display of all the environmental impacts generated by its products throughout their lifecycle.
  • Lifecycle approach of products : The aim is to provide answers to issues related to raw materials (eco sourcing), to the manufacturing (limiting discharge) use (safe products) and at the end of product life (recycling).An Asian counterfeit has a 38% higher impact than SENFA products.

This translates into :

  • Products free from substances that raise concerns.
  • Products designed to limit the use of energy.
  • Products that are incorporating recycled materials.


  • For our SAFLEX Collection, we have put in place a sustainable development approach to upgrade our end-of-life garments products. In partnership with a French company, the products are transformed to be reused as thermal insulators for different sectors: mattresses, non-woven fabrics, construction, automotive, etc.
  • Commitment to provide fair and true information excluding any unverified or unverifiable claims.
  • We are committed to producing accurate and proportionate messages.
  • Our communication materials on Eco design are validated by an expert consultant before the official launch.
  • RFID chip is available as well as invisible product name tagging for products shipped to Asia.
  • We are working on the development of our platform blockchain. The objective is to be always more on the manufacturing process and to propose upcycling solutions.
  • Since 2014, SENFA has been carrying out actions aimed at involving its suppliers into its objective of evolving toward more virtuous solutions.
  • Commitments into a responsible purchase approach at the level of Chargeurs and driven by SENFA. Implementation of a responsible purchasing kit, a Chargeurs responsible purchasing charter, CSR self diagnostic questionnaire to assess each suppliers.