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Depuis plus de 45 ans, Senfa décline des solutions innovantes fondées sur une expertise française de pointe : l’enduction de textiles techniques. Un savoir-faire alliant support souple et fonctionnalisation pour aboutir à des performances tels que : l’occultation, l’ignifugation, l’imperméabilité, la diffusion, l’imprimabilité, la déperlance, l’acoustique pour des projets de grande envergure. Senfa, des textiles techniques au service des concepteurs d’expériences visuelles impactantes et innovantes.

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SENFA is proud to teamed up with JCDecaux, the number one outdoor advertising company worldwide, to develop a PVC-free advertising fabric. Congratulations to the R&D, production, quality and sales teams as well as to the partners who participated in the development of the PVC-free product for this global player in visual communication, a great collective challenge !
Jean-Charles Decaux, Co-CEO of JCDecaux, said : “We are delighted to have co-developed this new canvas with the Chargeurs group, whose expertise in high-tech print materials is second to none. As part of our company’s commitment to an ambitious Climate Plan, we are deploying new solutions that combine quality and sustainability throughout our value chain. Pearlflex is a perfect example of this, and we look forward to bringing it to our airport advertising customers from September, helping them deploy impactful and responsible communications. This new product clearly demonstrates that collaborative innovation is essential in order to accelerate the ecological transition.”

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